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The Window Room

by secret space

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Amelia I listened to this album and nothing but this album for > a month because of the chorus of 'The Window Room', 'I've Come Around' and 'Beyond the Display'. I mean... jeez xD how catchy can you get Favorite track: The Window Room.
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released June 17, 2016



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secret space Toledo, Ohio

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Track Name: PxCz
You're effervescent, reminiscent to the pressure, let it go.
You come on steady when you're ready, now you're heading home. You put me on, but you never turn it off again.
You were there at the backstop, you’re cunning, rounded, bending, you were gunning for it. I'm gone and they're done. They have all their fun, now I'm gone and they're done. I'm coming up fresh, they put me to the test (as they put me to rest). You're never better, half the effort that you set in stone. Until I was cutting through the center and your methods were exposed. I'm coming down, you're my common ground. You're effervescent, ever ready to let it go.
Track Name: I've Come Around
How do you like me now? Second best isn't what you would've guessed or found out. And I hope to god you wanted all the things that we both promised. How do you say the words when you know that they're just gonna feel too rehearsed? So I hope that you still wanted all the things that we both proudly left assured. I've come around, there's a hole in my plan and it's bringing me down. How do you like this sound? As a test I confess to all that was bringing me down. And how do you sound out loud? When the tops of your teeth and your tongue correlate, you can't turn back now. So I hope to god you wanted all the things that we both promised. And I promise I'll be bringing you down. So I hope that you still wanted what you've found. Well you stole what you had, took the words from my mouth. So whenever you call me out, I stop, edit to deliver it back, ready react, hold me down til we sweat this out. I've come around, there was a hole in my plan that was bringing me down. But I think I've found a solution.
Track Name: The Window Room
Slow down, way down, keep quiet. 6:30 am, I am lying awake, you're in the shower. You're done, I'm sleeping before the hour. Our kingdom's come, your day's begun, mine starts at noon, the window room. Slow down, way down, I'm trying.
Track Name: Second Life
Where'd you go? In a whisper you were the only one lonelier than I. How'd you know within a flicker I would be holding on to what I am, holding out for all I need, when I Hold steady on a second life. we can die trying if we try it twice, But I want you to be there with me. Lay out low, Display conviction, Holding on to another sleepless night. But these past few years I've said a lot, and for what I have forgotten I'm thankful for what I am not. Hold steady on another one, we can die trying when our time has come, til then I need you to be there with me. I need you to be there with me, when I am not there.
Track Name: Cast Iron
Shameless, stained with wine, cast iron flask tears your life apart. Shameless, but that won't suffice, cause you're too cool and careless. You say you just don't care who's left hanging around but you check your back as you head out of town. Now it's Tuesday night and you're drinking alone and you stare right at the mirror as you hang up the phone, you're too cool. Senseless by fault of your own desires. Now it's two years on and I don't recognize the expression that I'm getting when I look to your eyes. Yeah, but you don't think twice whether this is your life and you never call to question whether this feels alright. You just move so slow and steady and you just stare ahead. by the time you realize you might want something instead, you're too cool and careless.
Track Name: Beyond the Display
Cold and calloused and looking for balance, the older I get the more I’m searching for silence, ‘Cause the silence speaks a thousand words. Bold and banished, beginning to panic, the more that I fret the more the feeling is frantic. I'm burning gold and red. How'd you wind up next to me? You were miles beyond the display. Miles above my
everything. We were living up above it.
Track Name: Stars
It feels so familiar way up there, that I may just float through the atmosphere until I disintegrate. Forever and then, we do it again With delicate reason, whichever the season. I wonder if we should wait (stray). I descend to the urgency, ‘cause it feels too familiar to stay up there. And we both know that this is not just a plot to escape the sure shot. Eyes move slow and our descent begins to take hold and catapult. If you need some time, just keep me in mind ’cause I've been afraid all the while. Forever, again. Through the night.
Track Name: Say What You Will
You say what you will. I drive through the night, you're still alone in our bed. There's a ghost tucked in the sheets. he's taken my place, But it's not too late, no, it’s not too late for me. Heart on the line. Restless til rise. Stir til you're still. Say What You Will. I stay up all night until I feel the morning’s light. Alone in our bed, I can't seem to capture that moment, the one where I'm fading asleep, And you know that it's closer to noon, and you've been up for hours, burdened by all the same faults. Cautious and kind. Sight out of mind. Gather your fill. Shoot just to kill. Say What You Will.
Track Name: The Window Room; Part 2
Sometimes I stay up for hours watching the trees. Those nights fill me with power and creativity. Watching debris spiral in darkness, glisten in beams. And if fear should be my muse I will not let it replace you. I will not let it consume me, watching the trees. Sometimes I wander for hours lost in a dream.
Track Name: Suffer In
There's a light in my heart, and it goes out when I start to replay my missteps and mistakes. There's a hole in my thoughts, and it grows wider with all of my faults until the negative space is extinct. Suffer In your skin. For years now I've tried, I've made unfulfilled offerings and I'm still suffering. And this fear in the night has escalated to exceptional heights. So in desperate relief, I pray to someone my soul so I can just get some sleep. For years now I'm offering. Forever disposed of it. For years now I've plummeted. For now I'm recovering. Listen up to do right.